Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Donuts!

 "Donut with Pink Sprinkles" -- oil on canvas 6x6"

"Striped Donut" -- oil on canvas 6x6"

These were from the grocery store in Elk Rapids. Cheap, too: three for 97 cents!  Yeah, I'm sure you'll want to know what happened to the third donut?  Truth is, it's still in the bag in the studio.  I might get to it, but not for a while.  On a flower painting jag now.

I really enjoy painting donuts!  I find them easier to do than the cupcakes.  I set them on the windowsill in the studio so they get full sun.  That is, when we DO have sun up here.  Northwestern lower Michigan is notorious for its overcast days, from November until at least May.

The pink one was so cheery to do.  I love the colors!  It was decorated for Easter.  And the striped one -- I really like that one best.  It had such interesting designs & contours!   

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