Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot Dog!

"Hot Dog #1" -- oil on canvas 6x6" -- Margie Guyot

A diversion from the sweets for a little while!  Who doesn't like a good ol' dawg?  Up north here in Michigan, we're still enduring remnants of winter: dark, gloomy skies, snow, drizzle, etc.  Yesterday afternoon was so dark, the hot dog looked very gray-looking.  Not at all appetizing.  Well, to start with, the dawg itself wasn't so great.  I was using one of the ultra-cheapies from Meijer's.  They were $1 a pound.  I'd bought them 2 months ago to throw to the semi-tame possums.  They looked SO pitiful out in the snow, snuffling for fallen sunflower seeds.  They really loved hot dogs, though!  In fact, if I saw them out in the yard, I'd yell, "Possum!" and they actually would come running to get their dawg.  Nothing quite so funny as a little possum with a weenie hanging out of its mouth, bounding through the deep snow!

So back to this particular hot dog.  I had to make it look fatter and more reddish.  For lack of a better idea yesterday, I just zig-zagged on a line of yellow mustard.  But I plan on doing more interesting combinations in the future.

When I finished painting, I broke off a piece of the bun and gave it to Henny Penny, my studio chicken. She loved it.  But when I threw the rest of it into the chicken coop, the chickens remained on their roosts, peering down at it with suspicion: what the devil was THIS?  Nobody moved.

Having finished cleaning up my painting mess, I snuck back into the coop area to take a peek.  Oh yes -- the hot dog was long gone!  I wonder if their eggs will taste like hot dogs in a few days?   

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