Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dem Golden Slippers

"Dem Golden Slippers" -- oil on canvas -- 40x50" -- Margie Guyot

I wanted to do a gold and red painting and the red gills of the fish amazed me!  A friend had given me this stringer of taxidermy-d perch.  He'd caught them a few years ago and had them mounted.  They're huge.  And they're also a tattered mess -- his dogs had ripped the bejesus out of them.  So it was a puzzle, figuring out how the fins were supposed to go.  

The golden slippers came from a thrift shop up north of Petoskey.  And they FIT me, by golly!  I thought they were a hoot to paint.

And I just HAD to use the pumpkin!  Isn't it great?  I bought it from 2 young boys in Elk Rapids last October.  They grew specialty pumpkins and this one is gigantic.  It must weigh over 20 pounds.  But alas -- it's starting to rot a little.  Glad I could paint it.  I believe it's really a squash.  So tomorrow I will cut it up and bake it.  Good golly -- it looks like a year's supply of squash, there's so much of it!

Some things are so challenging, I love to try painting them over & over in many paintings.  If you've seen my other paintings, you probably would recognize the red striped glass pitcher.  And the tapestry.  Oh, and of course the turkey feathers!  Wild turkeys are all over up here and I love their feathers!  

I love Goodwill.  They have some of the coolest stuff.  I got the pink Depression glass plates and cups up there a week or so ago.  It was rather complicated to try to paint that stack!

And I love painting the red Carnival glass heart dish!  It has some of the wildest color reflections.  This is one of those paintings that I could probably spend weeks on, putzing.  But hey -- sometimes you ruin things that way.  On to the next one.....!

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