Monday, January 17, 2011


"Bugle" -- oil on canvas 12x12" -- Margie Guyot

Believe it or not, but bugles are BOOGERS to try to draw!  All those crazy bends in the tube.  Whew!  Notice how I haven't attempted to paint my saxophone yet (murderous -- all those keys!).  I found this cool bugle last summer in an antique store up in Pellston.  The red velvet Mexican sombrero was from a garage sale in Glen Arbor.  It weighs a good 5 pounds.  I don't know how the guys can stand to wear them, but they're fabulous.  Love the sequins and doo-dads!  

Lots of fine lines in this painting.  And I painted all of them with my #8 flat brush.  It's a Silver Brush Ruby Satin.  Those are the best brushes!  They hold their knife-sharp edges very well.  Mooshy brushes: absolutely maddening to work with!  Which reminds me: it's another reason to be glad I'm an adult.  As a kid, I had no say in what art materials I got to have.  All my brushes were cheap, mooshy ones back then.  So I'll put up with a few wrinkles -- as long as I can have my Ruby Satins!

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