Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blue Bowl #2

"Blue Bowl #2" -- oil on canvas 24x24" -- Margie Guyot

This blue glass bowl absolutely fascinates me with the shadows it casts!  Of course it's just a booger to try to draw in!  But I had the urge to paint a blue still life.  My recent paintings had all been so "warm", with loads of red, I wanted to cool off a little.  The fabric -- I don't know what to call it -- it's very shiny stuff.  Like something maybe Liberace might have chosen for a suit.

Ultramarine blue was the mainstay here, but I also had to dig around way back in the far reaches of my paint drawers to come up with some other shades of blue.  Some colors cannot be mixed!  I found "turquoise" and manganese blue, which helped save the day.

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