Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mustard Field

"Mustard Field" -- plein air field study -- oil on canvas 8x10" -- Margie Guyot

Ever in search of "spectacular", I about had a cow when I spied this field of mustard growing along M-88, between Eastport and Central Lake!  The next morning I was out there by 8 AM, painting it. 

I'm a sucker for long rows of plantings.  Or shady roads.  I just couldn't go out to a big field and do a painting of it.  A big field with no design to it, no features.  Some artists can make something of it, though.  Clyde Aspevig, whom I'd studied with back in the late 80's, would take our class out into a featureless landscape, set up and do a marvelous painting.  Then he'd turn to us and say, "OK -- paint!"  And leave us floundering and sputtering.  He's amazing.

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  1. Just lovely! I'm quite new to painting en plein air and I'm enjoying looking at your work. I love the fact that your plein air work is so different from your studio work.