Wednesday, July 25, 2012


"Delphinium" -- plein air field study -- oil on canvas 12x12" -- Margie Guyot

There are lots of plein air groups up here in Northwest Michigan.  After finishing "Circus Circus", a large still life, I was ready to go out and do a plein air -- just to clear out the cobwebs.  This group, from Jordan River Arts Council, went to a delightful spot in between Charlevoix and Boyne City.  The owners of Stonehedge Gardens invited us to come and paint.  As soon as I saw this clump of delphiniums, I knew I'd found my subject.

Whenever I go to a new spot to paint, the #1 question on my mind is always what is the most amazing thing here?  Loved that blue! 

It was hot and sunny.  What a day to find my BestBrella was not working right!  Doggone.  One of the gears was stripped.  I had to hold the umbrella in one hand while painting.  It's impossible for me to paint with sunlight glaring directly onto my canvas.  But I lived.  And I found out it is possible to order replacement parts for BestBrella. 

After painting this, I wandered inside Stonehedge's funky little gift shop.  It's the neatest gift shop I'd seen since New Mexico!  Not the usual tourist crap!  I found a pair of earrings I'd been looking for for years: bright orange, sparkly, dangly balls!  They're my favorites.   I put them on although they didn't go with my outfit (a black T-shirt and green man's work shirt). 

I also found a magnificent silk shawl, in yellow, with long fringe.  Perfect for a still life setup!  I'm into spectacular, if you haven't noticed by now.  "It used to belong to my mother," the woman told me.  Ah -- selling your mother's antique silk shawl?  Sacrilege.  I paid for it & hurried out, lest she changed her mind. 

Oh, and the earrings: I'd completely forgotten I had them on.  After leaving Stonehedge Gardens, I stopped in at Farm & Home to pick up a bag of chicken feed.  Then into Glen's for a few groceries.  People were looking at me funny.  Hmmmm....?  I got out to the car and looked in the mirror.  Hah!  I still had on my sparkly, dangly orange earrings!  I must have looked like a crazy woman.  Oh well. Wouldn't be the first time.

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