Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Blueberry Pie"

"Blueberry Pie" -- oil on canvas 6x6" -- Margie Guyot

This pie was painted entirely from memory.  I'd been meaning to paint a slice of blueberry pie for at least a year, but all the pies I saw in the stores looked NASTY.  You know what I mean: crusts like cardboard, filling stiff and glue-like.  Ugh.  But I've been too busy to take a few hours and bake one.   My family was a big pie-eating family and my grandma taught me how to bake pies, so I know what a mouth-watering pie looks like!

I like to paint lots of 6x6" unframed oil paintings.  They're relatively inexpensive and tourists like them.  Of course I really enjoy painting large paintings, too, but they're harder to sell in this economic climate.

Yesterday afternoon I set aside my yardwork (it's endless!) and sequestered myself in the studio and painted pie after pie.  I did 10 in all: 6 blueberry and 4 more apple.  Pies are so much more enjoyable to paint than cupcakes --- all those doggone frosting swirls -- oy vey!

Working from memory, I made sure all my pies look juicy -- the way a pie should look!

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