Wednesday, May 16, 2012

April Daffodils

Woops!  I've fallen behind on my posts!  These are all done on 6x6" stretched canvases, in oil, by Margie Guyot. 

I guess it's obvious that I love flowers.  Some are from my yard, some were "borrowed" from the yard of a neighbor who spends winters in California.  She doesn't return to her Michigan home until the end of May, when all her daffodils have petered out.  So I don't think she would mind if I borrowed a couple to do some paintings.  And one or two of these are from the garden bed at the Charlevoix Community Library.  And yes, I DID ask first.

This is the first year I could really do a decent job of painting daffodils.  They aren't easy!  Not only is the drawing of the flower's structure a bit exacting, but painting white petals is tricky as well.  But what else is there to do up here in early spring?  Too cold and wet to work in the garden.  And heaven help me if I pick "washing floors" over painting in the studio!

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