Monday, February 7, 2011

Simply Delicious

"Simply Delicious #1" -- oil on canvas 6x6" -- Margie Guyot

This one's a real cutie: yellow cake with buttercream frosting, topped with sprinkles and a little heart.   I bet Simplycupcakes will sell a TON of these this Valentine's week.  This was the last one I painted yesterday afternoon and I had to quit.  The sun was setting and I cannot paint under artificial lights.  The glare on the wet paint is confusing.  And the colors never turn out right.  

After painting this one, I thought I should finish assembling the rabbit cage.  While prying a metal clip off, it suddenly flew off like a rocket, hitting me in my right eye!  Thank goodness it hit in the corner and my reflexes were quick.  Another fraction of an inch over and I probably would have blinded myself!  It stung like hell.  Oh boy.  I always wear glasses when using power tools.  Or when I'm cutting brush, mowing the lawn.  

It was a Sunday afternoon and I didn't know if I should go to an emergency room or not.  Fortunately, one of my friends had worked at an eye doctor's office and she told me I'd probably just scratched my cornea and it would heal quickly.  She said to put warm, wet compresses on it.  

Happy to report this morning that my eye feels a lot better.  Still a little sore, but I can see fine.  Good heavens.  Maybe I should wear glasses whenever I pick up ANY tool!

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