Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunset 7 07 10

"Sunset 7 07 10" -- oil on stretched canvas -- 8x16" -- Margie Guyot

I've been lagging behind on my posts!  Trying to catch up.  Last night a storm was rolling in over Lake Michigan; there was no bright red sun peeking out.   No dazzling oranges, no golds.  It was actually quite monochromatic between the shades of grays/lavenders/blues.  But I drove down to Rex Beach (only about 2 miles away) and painted anyway.  I loved the way the distant water seemed to have a bright glow, reflecting some of the clouds above.  I liked the "dappled" look of some of the darker, closer clouds.  

As usual, I had the entire beach to myself.  It was very peaceful.  Once in a while a big fish -- a carp?  lake trout?  would leap up and grab a bug.  I'd sprayed myself with mosquito lotion back at the car, so I was able to paint relatively undisturbed.

Today I had to gently scrape off 6 dead gnats that had imbedded themselves into the painting, in between the beach and my car.  At least they were small!  Sometimes the larger mayflies swarm and stick not only my painting but the palette and turpentine bucket as well.  Such fun!

That's the Leelanau Peninsula in the distance.  And it's Lake Michigan.  A great place to live (and paint!).

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